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Tax Deferred Annuities (Retirement Savings)

If you’ve hit the maximum contributions allowed by your 401(k) or IRA and want to save more, deferred annuities may be a good option for you. Deferred annuities have no IRS contribution limits.


Deferred fixed annuities offer investors a guaranteed rate of return for a number of years and may be more suitable for conservative investors. Note that:

  • Annuities are not FDIC insured

  • Withdrawals from annuities (before 59½ years of age) are potentially subject to a 10% IRS penalty

  • With a deferred fixed annuity you may have more access to assets

  • Your annuity earnings will compound on a tax deferred basis

Income Annuities (Income In Retirement)

If you’re approaching retirement, the fact that income annuities offer guaranteed income for life (or a set period of time) may make them a more appropriate option for you.

Income Annuities provide:

  • Immediate predictable (guaranteed) payment for a fixed amount of time.

  • Offer a cost of living increase for an additional cost.

  • Limited or no access to the assets used to invest in income annuities. 

  • Your payment can’t be affected by volatility within the market, thus shielding you from risk.

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