Medicare Planning

  Here are a few basics:

  • Sign up at 65 but no more than 3 months later, or possibly face penalties.

  • There are Parts A and B, and Supplemental and Drug plans.  

  • The government pays for Part A.

  • You pay for Part B.

  • Parts A & B don't pay for everything. 

  • A supplemental plan will help cover additional medical costs.

  • You also must have a prescription drug plan, or possibly face penalties.

Sound confusing? It is very complex and there are lots of options for everyone regardless of your budget.

Find a professional and let them help you figure it all out.  

Jackie Colucci is an independent broker, she doesn't work for a specific insurance company. She works with you to find the best options.  So know that she will recommend what is best for you!


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